A Comprehensive Guide to Automotive Injection Molding

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Manufacturing innovations are the cornerstone of progress within the automotive industry. One such remarkable technique, Automotive Injection Molding, has been taken to new heights with the advent of Vertical Injection Molding. This breakthrough process has revolutionized the production of automotive parts, leading to increased efficiency and industry alignment.

Vertical Injection Molding Applications in the Automotive Industry

The versatility of vertical injection molding extends across the traditional and contemporary automotive industry. Apart from crafting engine components and creating visible parts like dashboards and knobs, it also facilitates the production of crucial components for electric vehicles. In the electric vehicle sector, vertical injection molding is instrumental in manufacturing charging guns and motor stators. With this technology, manufacturers can ensure precision and efficiency in production, aligning with the increasing global trend towards eco-friendly transportation.

Vertical Injection Molding : A Game Changer in Automotive Injection Molding

Not to be confused with traditional horizontal injection molding, vertical injection molding machines stand upright, enabling gravity to work in harmony during the injection process. This makes way for higher efficiency and allows for multi-part injection molding, which is particularly advantageous in the automotive industry.

How to Select Vertical Injection Molding Machines for Automotive Parts?

Selecting the perfect vertical injection molding machine for automotive parts manufacturing depends on various factors, including machine specifications, precision levels, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency. It's essential to pick a machine that aligns with your unique manufacturing requirements while maintaining high levels of quality control.

  • Understanding Types of Injection Molding Machines

    Injection Molding Machines are classified mainly by the type of driving system they use: hydraulic, electric, and hybrid. What is the difference and which one is the best fit for automotive injection molding? Each of them has unique benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at the feature comparison below. It will help you make the right selection for auto part projects.

    Hydraulic Injection Molding Electric Injection Molding Hybrid Injection Molding
    Power by Induction Moto + Hydraulic Pump Servo Motors Servo Motors + Hydraulic Pump
    Energy-saving Normal Best Higher
    Initial Purchase Price Lower Higher Higher
    Clean Operation Normal Better Better
    Accurancy Lower Higher Higher
    Clamp Force for Large Parts Highest Lower Higher
    Injection Rate Best Normal Better
    Shot Size Larger Small Normal
    Quieter Operation Noisier Quieter Normal
    Labor Cost Higher Lower Lower
    Oil Containation Higher Risk No Risk Lower Risk
    Scrap Rate Higher Lower Lower

  • Trends of Injection Molding Machine

    The supply chain of the automotive industry is one of the contributors to carbon emissions. Automakers worldwide are making strides to decarbonize their supply changes while maintaining a thriving business. The push for all-electronic injection molding machines is strong, which is the most energy-saving process among the 3 main types of injection molding machines. There are 3 reasons that you may consider upgrading to electric injection molding machines :

    1. Low energy consumption : Energy saving is the biggest advantage of electric molding machines. The servo motor not only improves the efficiency but also improves the energy utilization rate.

    2. High efficiency : Unlike hydraulic or hybrid injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines are very quiet while running and you will have no oil, less maintenance, and more accuracy, which makes for extreme reliability.

    3. High precision : Electric injection molding machines have quick response times and excellent stability and control of the machine. This means they are especially suited for the precision molding requirements for EV parts.

Case Studies of Injection Molded Auto Parts for the EV Industry: Motor Rotor and Motor Stator Components

In addition to batteries and power electronics, electric motors and starter motors are the driving force behind electric vehicles. Electric motors and starter motors are critical components within the drivetrain. Precision, top-quality plastic injection molded components for electric and starter motors now play a much more important role than before. An OEM electric powertrain and industrial motor manufacturer for EV’s trusted TKC and ordered a custom injection molding machine for making parts for rotors and stators. Our fast response support services team found cost-effective ways to help our customer reach their goals! This successful effort received positive feedback from the customer, which resulted in repeat orders !

vertical injection molding machine for automotive

Pioneer of Vertical Injection Molding Machines

The automotive industry is a dynamic business environment with new technologies being introduced in the market almost every day. To remain competitive, many OEM automakers are discovering the benefits of using a trusted manufacturing support company to shorten development cycle times, implement the customers' individuality, while incorporating sustainability, safety, and smart technologies. TKC Machinery is the pioneer of vertical injection molding machines. We were the first in the world to design and manufacture the 1st all-electric vertical injection molding machine for Taiwan and China. TKC works with a wide range of plastic injection materials and molded parts. TKC also offers complete after-service and troubleshooting services. As an automotive vertical insert molding expert, Our experienced team shares the in-depth knowledge to help automotive OEMs to select the best plastic materials, machines and molds to enhance performance and meet budgetary goals. This essential service is an absolute must when designing and manufacturing complex components for EVs for the automotive industry.

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How to Select a Right Vertical Injection Molding Machine?