The 4 Most Common Problems and Solutions Regarding Rubber Vertical Injection Molding Machines - Troubleshooting Guide

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Vertical Injection Molding Machines primarily consist of 3 core components – mechanical mechanisms, electronic elements, and hydraulic systems. Swift troubleshooting provides a crucial solution to quickly resolving any machine problems. As a seasoned manufacturer of Vertical Rubber Injection Molding Machines, Taiwan Kinki Machinery enlightens you on the four most frequently encountered issues with Injection Molding Machines, with a special focus on motor and hydraulic pump faults. By discussing these problems and offering their corresponding solutions below, we aim to enhance your understanding of Vertical Injection Molding Machines.

Vertical Injection Molding Machine Problems and Troubleshooting

Injection Molding Machine Problem and Solution 1 : Motor or pump is not running

The motor and the pump are key components of the vertical injection molding machines. They are designed to covert electrical energy into mechanical energy. If the motor and pump are not working, or they do not respond to any tests or no pumping is occurring, then the injection molding machine will not be able to operate.

Possible cause: The power fuse has blown.
Correction action: Please check fuse and replace with a new power fuse, as needed.

Possible cause: Poor contact of the electrical connections.
Correction action: Please check that the wire connectors are securely attached to the terminals.

Possible cause: Circuit breaker is tripping because of an overload.
Correction action: Please turn off the machine for 5 to 10 minutes and then try restarting. If the overload circuit breaker trips again, have the voltage checked in order to determine the root cause of the overload.

Injection Molding Machine Problem and Solution 2 : Motor or Pump are making a humming sound

If the motor or pump is making a humming sound, it is very likely that the failure is caused by the following problem. You can also find it out by checking injection speed and backpressure

Possible cause: Bad connection with one of the three AC motor phases.
Correction actions: Please check and ensure all the three phases of the motor are connected. Also ensure that the power supply is well-connected.

Injection Molding Machine Problem and Solution 3 : Machine breaks down and cannot start again

If the injection molding machine suddenly stops during operation, please stop the machine from operating right away and check the relay.

Possible cause: Relay triggered because of an overload
Correction actions: The overload relay can be reset for a predetermined time duration. The motor can be restarted after the cause of the overload has been identified and rectified.

Injection Molding Machine Problem and Solution 4 : Hydraulic pump has an abnormal sound

Possible cause: The oil filter is blocked.
Correction actions: Please clean the filter.

Possible cause: Inside shaft of the pump is cracked or worn.
Correction action: Please check and repair the pump.

Possible cause: The oil in the tank is below the required level for operation.
Correction action: Please add oil.

Removing the Vertical Injection Molding Screws and Barrels

Removing the injection molding screws and barrels can sometimes be difficult for technicians, when repairing the Vertical Injection Molding Machines. As a leading manufacturer of Vertical Injection Molding Machines in Taiwan, we are sharing videos to guide you as to how to take off injection molding screws and barrels steps-by-steps. The process is easy enough where you will be able to do most of repairs in your factory. Here is the link below :

Small Vertical Injection Molding(Moulding) Machines and Manufacturer

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