Publication date: 2017-03-30
與您分享在泰國裝機的成功案例 A Thai Success Story
與您分享在泰國裝機的成功案例 A Thai Success Story

Taiwan astonishingly has 67 motorcycles/scooters for every 100 people. This brings about many opportunities in the maintenance market. Apart from the need to change the oil every few thousand kilometers another part that needs regular attention is the filter. Today we want to take you to Thailand to show everyone our customer’s installation process.

Our customer arranged for two staff trips to Taiwan to learn all about the different processes. Care and attention is needed when installing the machinery and the actions of our customer show that they are really professional when it comes to their work. Every part of the process is taken into account, from the end of our product learning experience to the moment our products arrive to their factory. Our customer wants to be involved in every part of the process.

隨後台灣今機派出吳廠長赴泰國裝機,指導現場人員操作機台,正所謂”No service, no business.”,我們提供一條龍從設計、製造、裝機、教育訓練、維修的完善服務。
After this was completed we sent our experts to their factory in Thailand to mentor their personnel in machinery usage and to help with the installation. Taiwan Kinki always work under the “No service, no business” philosophy. We make sure that we provide a one stop service for the customer where everything to do with design, manufacture, installation, education, training and maintenance is taken into account.

Our customer was able to learn within two days how to independently operate the machinery. This successful knowledge exchange came about because of the customer’s belief in our company and to leave themselves in our capable hands. Our customers believe that Taiwanese machinery can bring profits and efficiency to their operations.

Where are we off to next? As our boss always says: “Where the customers are is where we are!”Any place is possible for Taiwan Kinki.