All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine, Fits Topics of K 2022

K as one of the biggest Plastics and Rubber international exhibitions which is held every three years, kicked off from 19 to 26 October 2022. K has announced this year’s topics: Circular Economy, Digitalisation and Climate Protection, which are recent global hot topics which every industry is working hard on.

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Taiwan Kinki, Manufactured The First All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Taiwan Kinki (TKC) as the earliest Vertical Injection Molding Machine manufacturer in Taiwan since their development in the year 1983, they accumulate past experience to create ingenious innovations in the Vertical Injection Molding Machine. As a pioneer, they have the most professional and knowledgeable R&D Team and at the same time they have always been at the forefront of the market and advocated environmental protection. Therefore, TKC has been promoting the Hybrid Vertical Injection Molding Machine (hydraulic oil and electric) more than 10 years ago and All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine since the past few years.

Video - All Electric Injection Molding Machine:

Video - Reception of All Electric Injection Molding Machine for Japanese customer:

Comparison of Different Types of Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Buyers and investors may be confused and wondering, which type of machine should they choose and what are the differences between these types of machines? Please check out the table below which is compiled to give us a quick understanding of the pros and cons between these machine types.

Electric Injection Molding Hybrid Injection Molding Hydraulic Injection Molding
Power by Serve Motors Servo Motors + Hydraulic Pump Injection Motors + Hydraulic Pump
Energy-saving Best Higher Normal
Initial Purchase Price Higher Higher Lower
Clean Operation Better Better Normal
Accuracy Higher Higher Lower
Clamp Force for Large Parts Lower Higher Highest
Injection Rate Normal Better Best
Shot Size Small Normal Larger
Noise Level Lower Normal Higher
Labor Cost Lower Lower Higher
Oil Contamination No Risk Lower Risk Higher Risk
Scrap Rate Lower Lower Higher

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Benefits of All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine

As we can see on the table above, All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine has some obvious advantages. The main features of the All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine are: environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence and precision. According to TKC’s rich customer experience, it is not about how to convince customers to consider purchasing it, it’s about "what kind of customers has the demand for All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine?" For instance:

  1. Manufacturers of medical equipment
  2. Medical equipment requires a completely clean environment and not any oil contamination is allowed. It’s always being carried out in a clean room, therefore the all-electric type machine is the best choice.

  3. Product manufacture of high-speed and precision
  4. For example the tiny plastic parts in 4C consumer electronic products can be easily manufactured by the all-electric type injection molding machine.

  5. High precision and intelligent feedback
  6. For example the optical accessories such as backlights, polarizers, camera lenses, etc which require high precision and intelligent feedback which are equipped in all-electric injection molding machine.

Under normal maintenance and usage, TKC’s machinery basically has 15 years of usage period and when it comes to the biggest difference between the All-electric type and Hydraulic type, it’s the worn parts which need to be replaced in the hydraulic machine due to the high temperature during operation, which makes the all-electric machine more eco-friendly and cost saving.


Case Studies of Worldwide Customization Projects

TKC offers complete planning and consultation for their customers. They continuously provide service locally and globally including Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, North America and South America. This stems from the superior, stability and reliability of their products and also the great efforts of their global agents. With the professions of their technical team and the excellent service of their sales team, distance is never an obstacle for them to connect with their valued customers. The most impressive successful customization projects in recent years are the automation of sports products in the United States, the automation of Japanese auto parts and the automation of daily necessities in Israel etc.

Practical Technical Guidance

In Taiwan or where TKC has an agent, they always have an installation and education training when the machine arrives on site. Generally, TKC’s technical guidance can be divided into two types: on-machine on-site teaching and the other type: lectures and questions with customers. For on-machine teaching, they will arrange 2-5 operators to do a physical operation teaching after the new machine is readied. Some customers who have special requirement to have a theoretical teaching for more than 10 people, they will prepare teaching materials and provide Q&A time, but usually this type will be charged separately because it depends on the profession level of the involved engineers and the time consumption is usually longer than the usual lecture.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, in order to provide the best support for the customers, the professional yet generous TKC has shared a few videos on TAIWAN KINKI YouTube Channel for their customers’ own use.

Best Solution for Vertical Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

TKC continuously improves R&D capabilities, enabling them to offer customers all types of Vertical Injection Molding Machines: hydraulic, electric, and hybrid.

  • KR-series: Vertical clamping with big horizontal injection unit. Reduce the machine’s height for insert molding.
  • KC-series: Vertical clamping with horizontal injection unit. Tie barless clamping design suit for towing product.
  • KT-series: Standard series offer slide and rotary mode for different product choices.
  • KET-series: are All electric injection machines for precision products.

various of vertical injection molding machine

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“To make Taiwan Kinki synonymous with the most advanced machinery technology in Taiwan”. TKC always upholds their philosophy and never stops improving themselves and contributing to the society with their professions. For further queries, kindly contact Taiwan Kinki in the links below.

Source: PRM-Taiwan Blog: TAIWAN KINKI: All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine, Fits Topics of K 2022

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