KET-100R All-Electric Injection Molding Machine



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At Taiwan Kinki Machinery, we are proud to introduce our cutting-edge All-Electric Injection Molding Machine with Rotary Table, designed specifically to meet the growing demand for efficient and high-quality automotive parts molding. With its advanced features and superior performance, this state-of-the-art machine is poised to revolutionize the industry.

  • High Efficacy for Increased Productivity: Efficiency is at the core of our All-Electric Injection Molding Machine. By harnessing the power of advanced servo motor technology, we have achieved exceptional energy efficiency and rapid response times, resulting in heightened productivity. With precise control and fast cycle times, you can optimize your production output while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • Rotary Table for Enhanced Versatility: Our All-Electric Injection Molding Machine comes equipped with a revolutionary Rotary Table, providing unparalleled versatility in automotive parts molding and beyond. The Rotary Table allows for precise and simultaneous multi-component molding, ensuring superior product quality and consistency. With this innovative feature, you can now achieve complex geometries, multi-material combinations, and intricate designs with ease.
  • Low Noise: One of the standout advantages of our All-Electric Injection Molding Machine is its remarkably low noise level during operation. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and intelligent design, we have successfully reduced noise emissions to create a quieter production environment. This not only enhances the comfort and well-being of your operators but also contributes to a more sustainable and harmonious workplace.
  • Saving Water: All-electric injection molding machines eliminate hydraulic systems in hydraulic injection molding machines that use hydraulic oil to power their operations. This oil needs to be cooled to prevent overheating, which is typically done using water. In all-electric machines, the hydraulic system is eliminated, removing the need for water cooling.
  • Saving Power: All-electric machines utilize electric servo motors for each machine function, such as the injection, clamping, and ejection processes. These motors only consume electricity when actively performing a task and are highly efficient. In contrast, hydraulic machines continuously consume energy to maintain hydraulic pressure, resulting in higher energy consumption.

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Machine Type Unit
Screw Diameter mm
Injection Pressure kg/cm2
Theoretical Shot Volume cm3
Max. Shot Weight(PS) g
Injection Speed(High Loading Capacity) mm/sec
Injection Speed(High Velocity) mm/sec
Screw Stroke mm
Screw Speed Max. rpm
Nozzle Contact Force tons
Nozzle Retraction Stroke mm
Number of Temperature Control -
Material Hopper Capacity |
KR-85-D(R) KR-110-D(R) KR-150-D(R)
20 25 25 30 30 35
2500 1836 2500 1736 2500 1600
31 49 59 85 99 135
29 45 54 77 90 123
200 200 200
270 270 270
100 120 140
350 350 350
2 2.4 2.6
200 250 280
3 3 4
20 20 30
Machine Type Unit
Clamping Force tons
Dimensions of Rotary Table mm
Mold Thickness mm
Opening Stroke mm
Ejector Force tons
Ejector Stroke mm
KET-40R KET-70R KET-100R
40 70 100
1000 1200 1400
170~270 230~350 250~400
210 250 270
1.3 2.1 2.6
60 60 60
Machine Type Unit
Heater Capacity kw
Consumption kw
Machine Weight tons
Machine Dimensions(L x W x H) m
KET-40R KET-70R KET-100R
2.7 3.5 4.5
14.6(30Ax380V) 18(50Ax380V) 20(75Ax380V)
3 4 7.5
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