Taiwan Kinki Machinery 35th Anniversary Celebration

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Taiwan Kinki Machinery is a well-known vertical injection molding machine professional factory in China. After 30 years of ups and downs in the market, it deeply understands that only continuous progress is the way to sustainable management. Mr. Wu Liansheng, chairman of the board of directors, said that the injection machine has progressed from an oil-type machine to an oil-electric hybrid in the early days, and has recently been completely changed to an all-electric machine.

In 1991, the company developed a shoe sole elastic manufacturing machine, which won the SME Innovation Research Award. In 2015, it launched interdental brush automation equipment, which was also subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for small and medium-sized enterprise innovation research and development. The market favors. This year, we even developed special-purpose machines for major Japanese automakers to provide customers with high-reproducibility, high-yield, and high-reliability equipment, which was highly appreciated by major Japanese manufacturers.

In the face of intense competition at home and abroad, Taiwan Kinki knows its advantages in innovation and research and development, but faced with the high cost and the disadvantage of rising costs in mainland China, it decided to go to India to set up an assembly plant four years ago to face the impact of the market head-on. In addition to continuously expanding and deepening emerging markets, and providing customers with integrated upstream and downstream molds, raw materials, and process technology consulting, the TKC brand enjoys a good reputation in the industry and has become an internationally renowned brand.

Wu Liansheng said that in the future, in addition to providing customers with a complete automatic embedment and extraction device, to shorten the process, save manpower, and even unmanned operation. In view of the increasing popularity of machine computerization, the company has been able to achieve online troubleshooting by connecting to the network cloud for real-time monitoring and moving towards Industry 4.0.

He also expressed emotionally that time flies, and in a blink of an eye Taiwan Kinki has been established for 35 years; although there have been many storms since its establishment, today's outstanding achievements come from the efforts of colleagues, the help of colleagues, and the support of customers, expressing his heartfelt heart thanks and respect. Facing the future, Taiwan Kinki will not forget its original intention and will continue to innovate. It is hoped that, as always, we will move forward hand in hand and march towards the future.

Wu Liansheng, chairman of Taiwan Kinki, is the founder of the company. Before starting his business, he worked in a plug injection machine factory in the plastic industry. He recalled that at that time, this kind of machine was almost an exclusive business in Taiwan. It was a buyer's market so the boss's asking price was the transaction price. But because it is not easy to keep the money that is too easy to earn, it will soon face a business crisis.

At that time, three people working in this company, represented by Wu Liansheng, bought the management right for NT$460,000. Considering that Taiwan did not have such an industrial machine 30 years ago, it was named "Taiwan Kinki".

In the first five years after the establishment of Taiwan Kinki, the company stabilized under the joint efforts of the three people, but after the business volume increased, the business philosophy of each other began to diverge. The first shareholder left in the 4th year after opening, and the other one also withdrew in the last 2 years. At that time, Wu Liansheng was faced with the difficulties of shareholder capital withdrawal, personnel loss, and market competition, and had to stabilize the orders in his hands. It can be said that he was in dire straits. Fortunately, relying on the financing support of friends and the persistence of employees, it took a full three years to stabilize the company.

After the company stabilized, the business volume gradually increased. At that time, the company's main customers all set up factories in the south of the mainland, so they requested to set up a service station nearby. Taiwan Kinki first set up a service station, and then set up an assembly plant in Dongguan. At that time, the mainland had just opened up, and the market was growing rapidly, which drove Taiwan Kinki to set up a factory in Ningbo. In response to the trend of the times and customer needs, the total amount of investment and establishment of factories in mainland China is about 9 million US dollars.

The process of setting up the factory was extremely arduous, and also encountered unexpected absconding mainlanders with money, strict customs requirements, and tests of the loyalty of mainland employees. But after hard work, it is not a bright future. Wu Liansheng said that the 9.21 earthquake in Taiwan in 1999 and the financial tsunami in 2007-2008 caused economic depression in all industries, and the appreciation of the exchange rate in recent years is not good for exporters. I stumbled and stumbled along the way, but I grew up safely and steadily.

2018 Economic Daily Report
Report link: https://money.udn.com/money/preview/5950/3303689?mt=1533977620841
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